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Cannabis Body Scrub – For those who like bath, sauna or just want to remove dead skin cells.

Weight 0,450 kg

The body must be washed away from dirt and warmed up so that the skin pores become moist and moist so that cannabis oil can get better into the skin. Apply the scrub on wet skin and rub the entire body for about 3 – 5 minutes. Wash the body with warm water after the massage.

Sea salt and hemp seed will act as an abrasive and will remove dead skin cells by massaging. Minerals and vitamins contained in cannabis oil will penetrate through the pores of the skin when massaged. Lavender essential oil will provide a pleasant aroma to enjoy the massage. After the massage, your skin will be softer and younger. Body scrub is not intended for use on the face due to its coarse structure.

CBD represents 0.0 % and THC 0.0 %.

Does not exceed EU requirements.


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