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100 proc naturalus

Fabrics made from hemp textiles are extremely strong, long-lasting and even have not polluted the environment, they decompose easily and quickly into carbon dioxide and water and thus “return to the earth”. Hemp textiles also have the unique ability to absorb up to 30% more moisture than regular textiles, so such clothes are extremely comfortable to wear, and towels and napkins are indispensable in the household!

Hemp textiles protect against UV rays and bacteria.

Growing fibrous hemp reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. One hectare of fibrous hemp absorbs as much carbon dioxide as 4 hectares of forest!

Our hemp textiles are certified with the OEKO-TEX100 standard certificate. It is one of the best known labels in the world for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. This shows that the product is safe and customers can trust the products that have this certificate.

Made in Lithuania.

Weight 0,250 kg

40×170 cm


Blue, Green, Light blue

Made from 100 percent. hemp fiber. From renewable natural sources – fibrous hemp.

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